Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 Not-Calendar

There's no shortage of calendars out there, so who needs another one? Well, the one I designed isn't particularly useful if you want to know what day it is. But you have your PDAs and cell phones and online organizers for that. My calendar is more of an art book for your wall, with a new piece for each month of the year.

I wanted to publish a collection of my digital compositions, and a calendar seemed like a promising theme. In order to draw attention to the images, I disassembled the letters and numbers of the calendar and merged them into the design. And in a way, I'm playing with time itself: the images themselves are superimposed photos -- compressed time -- and the weeks and days of each month have been dissected and rearranged for a disorienting effect.

For sale on Etsy and at ithacamade.

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